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With the increase in demand for safety and security, Australians are getting cautious about the kind of gates they are installing in their home. The process of gate installation is not that easy as it considers several things. From choosing the right contractor to following the building codes of Australia, we got you covered. Let us understand the 7 major rules for installing Electric gates in Melbourne. The blog post also helps in determining methods of maintaining electronic gates.

How are electronic gates built?

Electric gates in Melbourne are an invention to protect the house from intruders and keep your boundaries safe. Electronic gates have an array of designs depending on individual choice. In Melbourne, some residents are situated near busy streets. Having a durable and technologically equipped electric gate is crucial for privacy. Now that you know about its benefits, do you wonder how it is built?

Manufacturers generally construct electric gates from wrought iron, combined with powder coating to customize the color according to your preference. These gates come equipped with electric motors to enable automatic features. For swing electric gates, the design incorporates a static motor that allows the gates to rotate on their posts. Electric gates also need batteries for backup, remote controls, and even solar power for operation. You can program electronic gates with various access systems, including voice control. Additionally, electronic gates include GPS integration or Wi-Fi, making it easy to control them from the comfort of your space.

If you consider its primary benefit, you must observe that electronic gates save you time and effort. They are easy to use if you learn the access control of it. Make your movement in the house comfortable and safe with automatic gates.

7 Rules to Install Electric Gates in Melbourne

To get the complete advantage of using electric gates, you must follow major rules of installation so that you can effortlessly use your gates and move comfortably in and out.


Before you begin with the installation of electric gates in Melbourne residences, you must get permission from the local authorities and follow the building codes of Australia. The permit documents give you the installation right, and no one can raise objections against it. The permit letter also mentions that the construction work is done with complete safety and avoidance of any hindrance to the life of neighbors.


Once you receive the permit letter, the construction team must measure the area before start digging the ground for installation. Electric gates generally require spacious areas so that swing gates can be accessed easily. The measurement between the gate posts is important to get the right structure of the gates while moving.

Even surface

You must even smooth the surface ground so that you can install the base of the gate post properly. If you do not fix the gate posts, it may lead to future accidents. The posts also shift from their original position if the ground is uneven, which impacts the electric gates in Melbourne.

Right equipment

Installation of an electric gate is slightly different from manual gate installation as it also requires the preparation of an electronic support system for the electric gate for easy access. The contractor must have the electric equipment and kits to build the gate without any hassle. The contractor must check the device installed on the gate for voice access or remote access.

Skilled labor

A team of skilled labor is crucial to get fine results with electric gates in Melbourne. Experienced laborers do the work on time, considering all the safety measures at the time of construction. Your gate requires attention from the laborers to avoid any damage or accidents at the time of installation. The skilled laborers do the work perfectly without missing out on any part of the project.


A contractor must be there to inspect the project and rectify faults, if any. The inspection helps to save time and effort. You get the opportunity to share your views regarding the design of the gate and the facilities you are expecting. An inspection gives you a chance to customize your gate and add some additional features for easy access.


After completing the installation process, you should request a demo test. This step is crucial to learning about electric gates in Melbourne. Testing also helps you to check if the automatic gate is working fine or not. If there is any glitch or issue with the gate, you can detect it immediately, and the contractor can work on it.

Methods of Maintaining Electric Gates

Post-installation, the electric gates offer you easy access to the house eliminating the manual method of gate opening. If you want to use the electric gate for a long time without any hassle, then you must maintain it. Here are some tips for maintaining Electric gates-

  • You must wash and wax your gate annually to retain its appeal
  • Cut down overgrown plants and bushes, if any, to let the gate move freely
  • Check the electronic access control device and do not over-press the buttons on it
  • Keep the access control away from direct water force while cleaning the garden; otherwise, it may fuse
  • Paint and lubricate your gate to protect it from heat and moisture and keep its movement smooth
  • Keep the remote control of Electric gates in Melbourne away from the reach of kids in the house

To sum up

Installing electric gates in Melbourne can be a daunting task if you do not have the proper equipment, the right knowledge, and enough skills. Contractors offer you various designs suitable for your space with added features to maintain safety. If you are looking for a budget-friendly contractor near you, contact SF Fencing and get quality electric gates. From Automatic gates to sleek Fencing and landscape solutions, we have everything for outdoor boundaries. We supply top-notch sliding gates and custom metal Fencing. We only use tested technologies for gate installation to make it easy to access by homeowners and difficult to break by intruders. Do not wait and get yourself innovative gate solutions with SF Fencing.