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Industries are growing at a rapid speed, and the need for security is also increasing. In recent times high-security gates have been in huge demand for this reason. When you have a secured gate for your industrial property, your chain of operations is safe and private. A highly secured commercial zone makes the daily work of the laborers easy. So what type of gate must you have? Sliding gates in Melbourne is the answer to this. Want to know in detail? Read on the blog and get an insight into the benefits associated with industrial sliding gates!

Why do commercial properties require sliding gates in Melbourne?

Commercial business manages various operations together, so they require high-security zones to handle their work smoothly without any hassle. Therefore sliding gates make a major change in the daily movement of vehicles and trucks on commercial property. Let us understand in detail the use of sliding gates in Melbourne commercial space-

Traffic Control: Sliding gates are effective in controlling vehicle access and managing traffic flow on commercial properties. They can be integrated with sensors, loop detectors, or intercom systems to facilitate smooth entry and exit of authorized vehicles while restricting access to unauthorized individuals.

Convenience: Industrial Sliding gates in Melbourne offer convenience and ease of use, especially in high-traffic commercial environments. They can be automated with electric motors, allowing for effortless operation with the push of a button or the use of access control devices such as keycards or remote controls. This eliminates the need for manual opening and closing, providing convenience for employees, customers, and deliveries.

Space Efficiency: Sliding gates are ideal for commercial properties with limited space. Unlike swing gates that require extra space to swing open, sliding gates operate horizontally along a track. This design allows for efficient use of space, making them suitable for properties with narrow driveways or limited clearance.

Professional look: Sliding gates can enhance the overall appearance of a commercial property. They come in various designs, styles, and finishes, allowing business owners to choose a gate that complements the architectural aesthetics of their property. This can contribute to a professional and welcoming image for the commercial establishment.

The major type of sliding gates in Melbourne

Sliding gates are available in different types, but one of the major types of sliding gates used in commercial properties is aluminum and steel. Want to know why? Read on!


Aluminum gates are lightweight, making them easier to operate. The material is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for coastal areas or locations with high humidity. Aluminum gates can be powder-coated in different colors to match the desired aesthetic. They can be designed in different ways to give your commercial space and classy look. Aluminum sliding gates in Melbourne keep your commercial operations safe from the outside world.


Steel is a popular choice for slide gates due to its strength and durability. It offers excellent security and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Steel gates can be customized with various finishes and the latest technology access, such as powder coating or galvanizing, to enhance corrosion resistance and provide an attractive appearance.

Access control systems added with Sliding gates

You can now add various access controls with the sliding gates in Melbourne for your commercial properties to keep them safe and comfortable for employees, laborers, and good delivery partners. Here are some access control systems you get with stable structured sliding gates-

1. Lidar safety beams

Lidar safety beams are commonly used for sliding gates in Melbourne to enhance safety. These beams use infrared technology to create an invisible beam across the gate opening. If the beam is interrupted by an object or person, it triggers the gate to stop or reverse its movement, preventing accidents or damage. Lidar safety beams provide an added layer of protection and ensure the safe operation of sliding gates in commercial business zones.

2. Vehicle detection loops

Vehicle detection loops are widely used for commercial gates to improve functionality and efficiency. These loops consist of underground sensors that detect the presence of vehicles. When a vehicle approaches the gate, the loop triggers the gate to open or close automatically, allowing for seamless entry and exit. Vehicle detection loops help streamline traffic flow, enhance comfort, and optimize the operation of sliding gates in Melbourne. With vehicle detection loops, you can keep an eye on the movement of vehicles within the property. It also helps in keeping track of the transportation of goods.

3. Gate wifi control systems

You already know the use of wifi in our daily lives, but do you know that this system can be useful in controlling gates also? When you have a wifi control system in your commercial property, you can control the access of employees and laborers entering our space. These systems allow gate control through a wifi connection using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Users can open, close, or monitor the gate from anywhere, enhancing security and ease of use. Gate wifi control systems for sliding gates in Melbourne offer flexibility and advanced features, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties.

4. Gate Internet control systems

Gate internet control systems are gaining popularity for sliding gates in Melbourne, providing seamless remote access and management. These systems connect the gate to the internet, allowing users to control and monitor it from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. Through a secure internet connection, users can open or close the gate, receive notifications, and even grant access remotely. Gate internet control systems security and advanced features for efficient gate operation in Melbourne.

5. Gate timers

Gate timers are commonly used for sliding gates in Melbourne to regulate gate opening and closing times. These timers allow users to set specific schedules for the gate to automatically open or close at designated times. This is beneficial for properties requiring controlled access during certain hours or for improved security during the night. Gate timers offer convenience, enhance security, and help manage gate operations efficiently in Melbourne.

Installation Process of Commercial Slide Gates

Assessment and Planning: The journey begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand the commercial property’s specific needs, including the right gate size, material, access systems, and additional features while adhering to code compliance. This critical step ensures a tailored and safe installation plan for commercial sliding gates in Melbourne.

Site Preparation: The dedicated installation team gets the site ready by removing any obstacles, leveling the ground, and ensuring proper drainage. Installing concrete footings or a reinforced foundation might be necessary to provide a robust base for the gate system. It’s essential to have fully trained staff on-site to guarantee the gate is built accurately and has a stable structure.

Gate Installation and Safety Integration

Gate and Track Installation: Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, the slide gate framework is installed, encompassing gate panels, track, rollers, and motor. Proper mounting and alignment are crucial to ensure the gate’s smooth mobility and ease of movement.

Access Control Integration and Safety Measures: With the gate structure in place, the next phase involves integrating access control systems like push buttons, intercoms, and keypads to allow secure entry and exit. Implementing safety features such as beams, sensors, and emergency stop buttons, coupled with providing safety wear to the laborers, ensures operational safety and minimizes risks.

Final Inspection and Handover: A thorough final inspection confirms compliance with local codes and safety standards, addressing any issues encountered during installation. The project concludes with a handover to the client, including all necessary documentation and guidelines for gate operation and maintenance.

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